Tired of Getting Headaches That YOU ASSUME Can’t Be Fixed?

Jun 22, 2013
By Dr. Josh Bross

Everyday in our Columbia, Maryland chiropractic office, we see patients that get headaches on some sort of consistent basis. Sometime they come in specifically for their headaches, and sometimes they just happen to mention them in the course of treatment for something else. I will hear things like, “You can treat Migraine’s?”, or, “My doctor […]

Why do I feel great after a long run, but often feel much worse the next day?

Jun 15, 2013
By Dr. Josh Bross

There are many reasons why you feel worse the day after a long run and those vary from improper post run recovery, running too much too soon, and type of terrain you are training on. Mostly likely what you are experiencing is something called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS for short. Delayed Onset Muscle […]

Ready to Be Done With Hip Pain?

Mar 29, 2011
By Dr. Josh Bross

I have a patient at my sports chiropractic columbia md office who came to me about 2 months ago. She was a runner, and wasn’t able to run anymore because of right hip pain for the last year. She also could not lift her foot off the ground from a seated position. She was incredibly […]

Put Some Marinade on My Back

Mar 21, 2011
By Dr. Josh Bross

“Put some marinade on my back.” That’s the exact quote of a patient of mine at my sports chiropractic columbia md office. Rick came to my office about two months ago. He is a man around 50 years of age who has had low back pain for years. Everyday, all day, his back felt tight […]

Risk Versus Reward: Be Smart

Mar 20, 2011
By Dr. Josh Bross

I get asked all the time at my chiropractor columbia md practice about what activities patients should avoid, what exercises they should do, what’s good for them, etc. The answer varies depending on a lot of factors. It depends on how long they have been injured, how much inflammation they have, the location of the […]

Glut and Hamstring Pain in Runners

Mar 10, 2011
By Dr. Josh Bross

I treat a lot of sports injuries at my chiropractor columbia md office. One of the biggest groups of athletes I have been treating is runners. I tend to think of runners as a different breed from other athletes. The intensity, commitment, and drive they have make them a great, but also impatient patient. They […]

How To Identify a Concussion

Sep 29, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

A concussion can be a life or death situation. It is important to know what to look for, how to identify them, and what to do to prevent another more devastating and potentially life threatening from occurring. Nowadays, you hear about concussions almost everyday if you are a football fan. Whether watching on TV, listening […]

How Does a Jelly Donut Explain My Back Pain?

Sep 28, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

I see low back pain in my Columbia chiropractic office everyday. Why do most people have low back pain? It’s not the easiest question to answer. There are a number of causes of low back pain, with a number of ways to injure your back. But, if I had to choose one, I would say […]

Core Training to Fix Plantar Fasciitis

Sep 25, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

At my Columbia chiropractic office, I see patients on a daily basis that have plantar fasciitis. They are typically runners, with teachers being the most common profession I see with foot pain. One of the first things I address with these people is the function of their core. Your core muscles control the stabilization of […]

What Can I Do About My Headaches?

Sep 23, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

Everyday in my Columbia chiropractic clinic, I have patients that complain of headaches they get later in the day or evening. They vary in frequency from “everyday like clockwork” to “once in while”, “only with an exam”, or “only when the kids are off school”. These are called tension headaches, and they are caused by […]