Aung La talks about how Elite Chiropractic & Sport kept him in the ring.


Let me introduce you to my Doctor, Josh Bross of Elite Chiropractic & Sport in Columbia, Maryland.

The man is a professional. We met each other within a couple of months of moving to Howard County, and when I had my first setback here on the trails. As I have had great experience with ART and my previous practicioner, Dr. Chris Sanders in Houston, I had to research a new ART specialist to take care of my body.

Sure enough, I found a match (had to be active, strong, an athlete, and seasoned) and although he wasn’t open at the time, he promised to take care of me. So, here are the string of maladies that constantly flare up every now and then that Dr. Bross takes care of – Right Psoas / Hip Flexor Strain – always happens post-50KM Trail race without a doubt… this is a tough one to fix, but Dr. Bross always does with a combination of treatment and strengthening the TFL, etc. Peroneal Tendonitis… some eccentric work does the trick Left Tibial/Soleus/Gastroc Strain – currently, this is killing me, but I was able to go 1h40′ on some tough trails a day after he worked on my calf… guy is magic.

So, if you live in Howard County, or even in the greater Baltimore Area, check him out. Lately, I have had a lot of success with the Graston Technique on both my hip and my calf. Great stuff.

If you’re out there, thanks, Dr. Bross. If I could fly you to Ireland, I would.
Gabriel Rodriguez
US World Team Trail Runner

The Success of ART with Runners

After having quit running because every step I took was painful, I am running pain free for the first time in over a year, thanks to Dr. Bross. I found Dr. Josh Bross because a friend of mine had recommended ART (Active Release Technique) for my plantar fasciitis.

I had already been to a podiatrist and tried everything that was recommended (special shoes, no weight-bearing exercise, orthotics, shots, and a boot). While those provided temporary relief from the symptoms, they did not address the underlying problem and the pain continued.

I went on the internet and found Dr. Bross whose demeanor from the very beginning was professional and compassionate. He recommended the Graston Technique as well as ART and began therapy immediately. From the very first therapy session, I felt improvement in my foot.

With less than one month of therapy, I could run again, and now with just over a month of therapy, I am completely without pain. Don’t wait for a year to seek treatment, like I did; see Dr. Bross now.
Jana Sprinkle

Shin Splint Treatment

I went to Elite because I had horrible shin splints for months. I couldn’t even take a walk without pain, and I was ready to give up on running. At my first appointment, Dr. Bross told me that he would have me running again in two to three weeks. Honestly, I wasn’t sure…

But after two weeks of ART, he gave me the green light to take a run. I felt like I had new legs – there was no pain at all. When I told Dr. Bross about how good I felt, he was genuinely thrilled to hear it. I’ve been increasing my distance every week, and it feels great!

My only regret is that I didn’t go to Dr. Bross sooner. If you are having pain, I have one word for you: GO! You will be glad you did.
Clarese A.

Chronic Back Pain Relief

I have been in constant pain since I injured my back at age 16. Over the years the problems spread into my upper back, neck and jaw. Not a day would go by that I didn’t long for relief from the stiffness in my traps and neck. So, I have spent a tremendous amount of money and time on body work.

From massage to physical therapy, from diet to yoga, I did everything. I had a chiropractor in every state and country in which I travel for longer than 2 weeks. My greatest fear was my neck or back "going out” on my while I was away from my chiropractors. This way of life was constant and ongoing for over 35 years.

I started working with Dr. Bross after hearing about the Graston technique. After about 6 sessions, for the first time ever, I began to feel my shoulders soften. the big test was going off to Europe for a month of work. This was the first time I walked off the plane in Zurich without running to the first massage therapist in the airport. Indeed, this was the first time that I didn’t think of my shoulders at all. I spent a full month in Europe with no discomfort at all.

I kept thinking, “Is this what normal people feel like?” Not only did the Graston work lessen my shoulder pain but Dr. Bross gave me an exercise for my neck that had made all the difference with my chronice neck problems and TMJ issues. I feel like he has given me tools to finally start to free myself from the long term dependence I have had on pain specialists. He has truly changed my life.
Sally Stunkel