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Snapping Hip Treatment in Columbia, MD for athletes, dancers, weightlifters, and more who want to focus on their performance
Snapping Hip Treatment Columbia MD

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What is Snapping Hip

The hip flexor can become tight, making the tendon move over a boney aspect of the hip. The snapping in the hip is the tendon rolling or snapping over the bone which can become painful over time. 

There are multiple sites that the tendon can snap over and different muscles/tendons that can be involved. The hip flexor is the most common.

Snapping Hip Treatment

Typical Treatment: Stretching, strengthening, heat, ultrasound and muscle stimulation

Causes of Snapping Hip

In athletes, dancers are often the highest percentage of performers we see suffering from snapping hip.

Snapping hip occurs with tightness around the hip and tendons — if your hobby, job, or performance involves a lot of bending at the hip, you are susceptible to developing snapping hip. 

At Elite Chiropractic and Sport, we treat everyone from young athletes to sedentary seniors who have developed snapping hip due to repetitive motions. Most commonly, we treat snapping hip injuries in:

  • Dancers
  • Weightlifters
  • Runners
  • Soccer players

Signs of Snapping Hip

Snapping hip can easier to self-identify over other hip pain due to the unique “snapping” sensation in the front, back, or side of the hip. This will also be accompanied by popping or clicking sounds and something catching in the hip.

You can contact our chiropractors for snapping hip treatment in Columbia, MD if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms of snapping hip:

  • Hip tightness
  • A “catching” feeling in the hip
  • A “snapping” sensation
  • Popping or clicking
  • Swelling in the hip
  • Weakness in the leg
  • Difficulty moving the hips, like standing to sitting 

Snapping Hip Frequently Asked Questions

Physical therapy can help treat snapping hip syndrome by improving the flexibility and strength of the muscles around the hip, reducing the tightness of tendons, and correcting biomechanical issues that contribute to the snapping sensation.

Yes, snapping hip syndrome can recur if the underlying issues such as muscle tightness or biomechanical problems are not adequately addressed. Maintaining a regular exercise program and adhering to physical therapy recommendations can help prevent recurrence. Our aim is long-term success, so we will use natural, non-surgical techniques to address the underlying issue. 

To help prevent snapping hip syndrome, you want to maintain good flexibility and strength in the hip muscles, avoid overuse or repetitive strain on the hip, warm up properly before exercise, and listen to your body to avoid pushing through pain. 

If left untreated, snapping hip syndrome can lead to chronic pain, inflammation, and potential damage to the hip joint and surrounding structures. It may also cause limitations in physical activity and daily movements. Schedule online to get snapping hip treatment in Columbia, MD. 

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