Core Exercise: Glute Bridges

To maintain proper body alignment, posture, and core strength, glute bridges are a must for your daily physical therapy routine. Glute bridges help you stabilize by building core and glute strength, assist with posture for walking and running, and provide overall better body alignment for other exercise routines and reps.

We like to recommend glute bridges to our clientele to help gently build strength, trunk stability, and better body alignment. These will be a game changer for your daily routine. Follow along in our video for a walkthrough on how to do glute bridges, check out the benefits of glute bridges below, and discover why glute bridges are perfect for beginners and experienced athletes alike. 

What is a Glute Bridge

A glute bridge is a simple exercise that can be done at home to help with stability, mobility, and back pain. It is done while lying on the ground and is perfect for warm-ups or as part of your general cardio workout. 

It does not require any additional workout equipment to complete and is perfect for at home, at the office, or at the gym. 

How to do Glute Bridges

To do a glute bridge, you will begin by lying on your back and placing your feet flat on the ground so your knees point up to the ceiling. You will then engage your glutes and lift your hips upward, keeping your upper back and shoulders flat on the ground.

Focus on using your glute muscles to pull your hips up and then slowly lower your hips back down by engaging your core and your glutes. Your focus is not on doing these quickly or as high as you can stretch – focus on controlled movements as you roll your hips up and then gently lower back to the ground. 

Benefits of Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are a great workout for those looking to increase body stability. Glute bridges help reduce back pain in the lower and mid-back. They are also glute strengtheners and core strengtheners.

Done regularly, glute bridges help with stiffness and tightness in the back. They help strengthen underutilized muscles that provide stability while walking and running.

We recommend glute bridges for:

  • Stability
  • Stiff Back
  • Glute Strength
  • Core Strength
  • Tightness
  • Stiffness 

Are Glute Bridges a Good Warm Up

Yes, glute bridges are an excellent warm-up to any workout routine you currently practice. Glute bridges help awaken your glutes so they are activated for the rest of your workout routine. They are also a wonderful workout to do in the morning or on your office break.

Glute bridges can help you avoid stiffness from sleeping, sitting in an office chair, or performing a repetitive task that causes back aches. They are great for beginners and experienced athletes looking to boost their glutes and balance. 

Should I Do Glute Bridges Daily

Glute bridges are a wonderful exercise to do daily. With a short amount of sets and reps a day, glute bridges can help you strengthen your glutes, avoid muscle tightness, and alleviate back stiffness. If you keep your reps and sets short and consistent, you are unlikely to tire out your glute muscles. 

Tips for Glute Bridges

To keep the best alignment in a glute bridge, do not arch your back. Focus on the hips and glute tightness, instead. Do not quickly move through your reps – keep the motions controlled and slow in order to activate your muscles and build the proper strength.