Heel and Foot Pain Treatment in Maryland

Heel and Foot Pain Treatment

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How Heel and Foot Pain Develops

What is Heel and Foot Pain

Microtears and possible adhesion formation at the arch of your foot. The pain could be on the heel or into your arch. The heel (calcaneus) is the origin of the plantar fascia and then inserts into the bones of your foot at your toes.

Heel and Foot Pain Treatment

Typical Treatment: Rehab exercises to strengthen the foot, calf stretching, night splints, ice/heat/stim.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Heel and foot pain is not an uncommon injury. Patients are constantly seeking pain relief treatment for heel and foot pain in Columbia, MD. The heel can undergo 60 tons of stress for every mile walked, not including the stress of high-impact activities.

Most commonly, patients are seeking treatment for plantar fascitis, an overuse injury of the heel and foot. However, you may also be seeking heel and foot pain treatment due to Achilles tendonitis, stone bruises, heel spurs, stress fractures, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

You may develop persistent heel and foot pain from an injury, an old injury that never healed correctly, overuse, overworking an injury, or repetitive motions of high impact or stress on the area.

Foot and Heel Pain Relief at Home

If you are feeling heel and foot pain, you want to begin the treatment process at home ASAP to prevent the injury from worsening. We recommend patients rest their heel if they feel pain, alternate ice and heat therapies, use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications as recommended, and change footwear to reduce impact.

It is important to always see a professional for heel and foot pain relief in Columbia, MD to get the right recommendations for your injury. At Elite Chiropractic & Sport, we will use our in-office heel and foot pain relief therapies to help reduce the stress on the area and advise on at-home methods to continue treatment.

Remember, do not continue to stress or overwork the area. Heel and foot pain can worsen into chronic conditions. Relax the area and schedule a consult ASAP to treat the cause before it worsens. 

Dr. Josh Bross’ Take

Why do we want to stretch the calf so much? The injury usually happened because it was stretched too much. Makes no sense to me! We should concentrate on removing scar tissue, decreasing inflammation, and strengthening the arch.

Heel and Foot Pain Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Josh Bross at Elite Chiropractic and Sport treats heel pain by focusing on the cause and strengthening the area. Don’t just stretch your calf, but work on decreasing inflammation and removing scar tissue. We treat heel pain in Columbia, MD with dry needling, advanced soft tissue treatment, and strengthening exercises.

At Elite Chiropractic and Sport, we help fix heel and foot pain by using dry needling for release, advanced soft tissue treatment, removing scar tissue, reducing inflammation, and using strengthening exercises for long-term relief and care. We will recommend at-home therapies to help continue treatment for long-term relief. 

The best therapy for foot pain is to treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. Stretches will alleviate the pain but not provide long-term relief. You want to focus on strengthening the arch of the foot to protect yourself moving forward. Chiropractic care at Elite Chiropractic can provide a well-rounded approach. 

If you have treated heel and foot pain and are looking to prevent injuries moving forward, you want to focus on using proper footwear to alleviate pressure and impact. Focus on arch support and extra cushioning where applicable. You can also avoid standing on hard surfaces for a long time, maintain a healthy weight, and rest your feet when available to reduce impact and stress. Ask us for ways to protect your heel and foot moving forward, even with high-performance training or high-demand jobs.