Hamstring Tear Treatment in Maryland

Hamstring Tear Treatment in Maryland

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What is a Hamstring Tear

A tear to the muscle of the back of the thigh. They often occur during sprinting, sharp stops during athletic events, or weight training. They often occur just below the buttocks or in the middle of the muscle.

Hamstring Tear Treatment

Typical Treatment: Stretching, strengthening, muscle stimulation, ultrasound and ice

These injuries are the most likely to become chronic with ⅔ being reinjured within one year. These injuries are incredibly important to heal the first time. 

The rehabilitation is focused on restoring flexibility and coordination which are the two main reasons re injury occurs.

Dr. Josh Bross’ Take

This is an injury that can be very nagging and chronic. When an NFL player has a “hamstring tear”, they are out weeks at a time, and they receive treatment on a daily basis (even multiple times in a day). It is crucial to find the spot of the tear and help the fibers to reattach and in the proper orientation. 

This injury changes location as it heals, revealing multiple layers to it, kind of like an onion. You must see the right provider to get this fixed fast, or it can linger for a long time!