Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment in Maryland

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment from a chiropractic center in MD

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The Condition

What is Sacroilitis

Inflammation around the sacroiliac joint. These joints (on both sides of your pelvic) form the base of your entire spine, so they are very important in creating stability . Most people will point to this area and say they have “lower back pain”, but we fine the “SI Joint” is the culprit more often that not. 

It is quite common for people to have had this pain for months or years will little or no response to treatment (physical therapy, chiropractic, etc). Most practitioners will focus on the low back and not the SI Joint, or they just don’t know how to treat the joint properly.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment

Typical Treatment: Core rehab, ice/heat/stim, massage

Dr. Josh Bross’ Take

This is so often misdiagnosed in the medical world. I love seeing patients that come in with this problem (I don’t love that they have the problem just to clarify) because it is something we can resolve fast, when no one has been able to.

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