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Neck Pain Treatment from chiropractors in Columbia MD

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What is Neck Pain

This is not an easy one to write about because there are so many causes of neck pain. The most common one, I would say, is a pain that occurs between you neck and shoulder. This pain can hurt all the time, or with certain motions like looking over your shoulder or looking down at your keyboard to type. 

There can be multiple reasons why there is pain there, but usually it’s from poor posture over time leading to scar tissue formation. This scar tissue sticks and binds, causing pain and tightness. Scar tissue doesn’t go away on it’s own (usually), so it can be a very frustrating and chronic issue.

Neck Pain Treatment

Typical Treatment: Stretching of the neck muscles, strengthening of the postural muscles, and electrical stimulation, ice, or heat

This can be a very simple issue to deal with ( I say “can” because occasionally there are more complicated reasons or issues). 

We do a combination of advanced soft tissue treatments that break of the scar tissue fast, sometimes getting rid of a chronic pain in 1-2 visits. 

We combine the hands on approach with exercises to build strength and endurance in your postural muscles, so speed up recovery and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Dr. Josh Bross Neck pain treatment