Core Exercise: Commandos

Core strength is very important for well-rounded body stability. Core strength can be easily achieved with simple workouts that can be done as part of a warm-up, morning routine, evening routine, or even on a lunch break. With regular practice, these core exercises can improve back pain, body stability, overall mobility, and strength.

Commandos are recommended for core exercises by our chiropractors and physical therapists due to their simplicity and well-rounded benefits. We take you through an easy walk-through to get started and you can gently increase the reps and timing as your body becomes accustomed to the workout routine. These are great for beginners or experienced athletes due to their ability to scale with experience and intensity. 

What is a Commando Core Exercise

Commandos are a core exercise that helps build body stability, core strength, and arm and shoulder support. They are based on the plank exercise and are a simple workout for beginners and professionals alike to add to their regular workout routine. 

How to Do a Commando Rep

Commandos are done by first starting in the plank position. You will then lower to your elbow and forearm on either the right or left arm, placing your palm flat on the floor so you form a ninety-degree angle. You will then lower your second arm to the forearm in the same position. 

Your legs, hips, and back maintain the plank position. Then, starting with your first arm, you rise back up to the plank position and follow with your second arm. You then resume lowering and raising in the same repetition, one arm at a time. 

Benefits of the Commando Core Workout

Commando is a recommended workout by our chiropractors and physical therapists due to its focus on body stability. By keeping your core engaged and back straight, you are building muscle memory and strength to allow your body to care for itself in a neutral state.

The repetition of lowering from arm to elbow and back up helps with balance, arm strength, and shoulder strength. All of these aspects help your body maintain a strong posture during walks, sitting, working on a computer, and more.

We recommend commando reps for:

  • Body stability
  • Core strength
  • Shoulder strength
  • Arm strength
  • Chest strength
  • Balance
  • Blood flow
  • Heart rate 

Are Commandos a Warm Up or Cool Down

Commandos are a warm-up exercise since the repetition helps raise your heart rate. This is a great exercise to do in the morning or as part of your evening workout warm-up. Even if your workout is light and only includes a few reps of the commando core workout, it can be very beneficial.

How Often Should I Do the Commando Core Routine

Commando reps are recommended to start at two to three times a week. For beginners, this is an easy way to ease into the exercise without overworking your muscles or getting overly sore. Start with two sets of ten repetitions each. Pause between each set to catch your breath, realign your position, and check in with your body. 

Tips for Commando Workout

To ensure you are doing commandos correctly, always check in with your form. Be sure your core strong is strong and engaged and your hips are not swaying back and forth. Distribute weight evenly across your forearm once it is lowered to the mat. Do not strain your neck or over-extend your arms out in front of you. Be sure your back is not arched but kept in a neutral state.