Banded Wall Slide Exercise

Do you have shoulder pain? This banded wall slide is a go-to retraction exercise that helps relieve persistent shoulder pain. 

Retraction exercises focus on pulling the shoulders back and towards one another. This movement helps improve posture, muscle memory, shoulder stabilization, and body alignment. This can reduce common shoulder pain and assist with injury prevention in the upper body. You will also gain stronger shoulders as you progress through these reps on a regular basis.

Check out our walk through of the banded wall slide retraction exercise to assist with shoulder pain. We explore the benefits of this particular physical therapy exercise below and break down some common alignment tips to help you achieve the proper workout with ease. 

What are Banded Wall Slides

Banded wall slides are a retraction exercise that assists with shoulder pain. The exercise involves using a resistance band to introduce tension for your body to get stronger against. 

These are a simple physical therapy exercise that is great for both athletes and family clients to introduce stronger body stabilization into your day to day habits. 

How To Do Banded Wall Slides

To do a banded wall slide, you want to face the wall with your feet slightly away from the wall. You will place your resistance band over both wrists and then place your forearms on the wall in front of you. Create a 90 degree angle with your elbow and wrists, thumbs facing towards you. Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders, your shoulders down and back.

Create tension by pressing your wrists away from one another, keeping the same form. Once you have found the tension, raise your arms up the wall, keeping your forearms pressed to the wall. Go as high as you can before your arms start to lift off and then return back to your 90 degree position. 

Ensure your shoulders stay down and back during this exercise — do not let them creep up to your ears or round forward. Watch your wrists to make sure you keep tension on the loop. 

Benefits of Banded Wall Slides

Banded wall slides are a go-to physical therapy exercise due to their simplicity, ability to modify for intensity, and stabilization benefits. 

Banded wall slide benefits include working the upper back, shoulders, and arms gently to gain strength and support. These retraction exercises also assist with posture, realigning your shoulders and improving your muscle memory.

Because your feet stay grounded, you will also improve glute and core strength as you stabilize your body throughout the movements. 

We recommend banded wall slides for:

  • Posture
  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Upper body strength
  • Core stabilization
  • Balance
  • Upper back flexibility and mobility 

How Often Should I Do Banded Wall Slides

Banded Wall Slides are a physical therapy exercise that you can do daily or multiple times a day as needed as you feel your shoulder and back pain return.

Keeping a resistance band at your desk, in your office, or at your work space is a great way to remind yourself to return to this exercise as needed. 

Doing 8 to 10 reps can greatly assist in realigning your body position throughout the work day. Be mindful to not overstress your shoulder muscles as you work through your reps. 

Tips for Banded Wall Exercises

It is important during the banded wall exercise to keep your core engaged. Engaging your core during this exercise helps with full body stabilization. 

Always align your shoulders down and back, and don’t forget to come to your starting position of your 90 degree angle, where your shoulders align with your elbows and your elbows with your wrists. 

As you take a break between sets, check your wrist tension, shoulder alignment, and body positioning to the wall. Take a break and readjust as needed.