Achilles Tendinitis Treatment

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Condition: Achilles Tendinitis

Medical Name: Achilles Tendinitis

What is it:  Inflammation of the achilles tendon.  This tendon was made famous by Brad Pitt in the movie Troy (wait, it was Achilles himself!).  This tendon gets stressed and inflamed (usually) from repetitive stress, like running, prolonged walking, or any jumping sport.  Overuse leads to microtrauma, with leads to inflammation and eventually scar tissue formation.  The achilles can get thickened over time, which with repeated stress and microtearing, can eventually lead to a complete tear.  You don’t want these torn…ask Kobe Bryant, Terrell Suggs, Steve Smith, etc.  They are out at least a year, and never seem to regain the speed and explosiveness..  

Typical Tx: Exercises to strengthen the calf/tendon, exercises to work on balance, and possibly ultrasound

How we treat it: Graston and Active Release to the achilles tendon and calf, manipulation to the ankle and foot to correct function, and dry needling to the achilles and bursa if necessary. We can also use musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound to identify exactly where the issue is and treat accordingly.  We combine that with rehab to work on strength and proprioception of the foot/ankle.

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