Game Ready Ice Machine

Don’t Just Treat Symptoms, Help Accelerate Recovery

Beyond passive cold and compression applications, Game Ready is the proactive power to help heal.

Game Ready ice machine is an innovative ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) that combines active compression and cold therapy in a revolutionary treatment system. 

Now you have the therapeutic power to enhance lymphatic function, encourage blood flow, and help stimulate tissue repair. For acute musculoskeletal injury and post-op recovery, go with the new standard of care.

We rent out the Game Ready for home use following surgical procedures. Please call our office to Game Ready Machine Rent it today!

Game Ready Ice Machine Cold Compression

Why do we recommend Cold Therapy Compression for Athletes?

A healthy athlete’s body is more than capable of recovery from surgery in an average amount of time with minimal complications if everything went smoothly. However, cold compression and cold therapy can greatly ease the process of recovery and improve the recovery process.

The team at Elite Chiropractic and Sport recommends the Game Ready Machine to ease the transition from post-op to full recovery and provide more comfort during the process. A more comfortable healing process has the possibility of reducing stress, and the compress wraps encourage proper healing practices.

Cold therapy via the Game Ready Ice Machine has also been found to reduce the need for Opioids during recovery. Opioids are highly addictive and can be risky to be on for a long period of time. Cold therapy compression helps reduce pain around the injured location, thus reducing the need for prescription medication and can even cut short the amount of time the Opioids were prescribed for.

As sports medicine is our primary focus and we have every interest in seeing athletes back on their feet, healthy, and training like normal, talk to us about game ready ice machine rental. The simple to use design and comfort wraps can really improve the recovery experience and help athletes get back to what they love doing most — training hard and working towards goals. Plus, cold therapy provides an increase in mobility, which can greatly help reduce feelings of stiffness and discomfort.

There’s no reason not to talk to us today about the benefits a Game Ready machine can provide to you in your time of need.

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