Disc Herniation Treatment

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Condition: Disc Herniation

Medical Name: Disc Herniation

What is it: The discs of the neck and back have two parts to them;  the outer layer, which resembles an onion with many ring, and the inner portion which is similar to jelly. The outer portion of the disc can tear and the inner portion pushes out but does not travel all the way through the layer. This is called a bulge or a degenerative disc and produces mostly pain in the spine, but not the arms or legs. The second type of disc issue is when the inner layer tears all the way through the outer portion and presses onto the nerve, causing neck/back and arm/leg pain.

Typical Tx:  Range of motion exercises, stretching to reduce pressure in the area. Occasionally when severe and/or neurological compromise is present surgical decompression is necessary.

How we treat it: Decompression, Flexion-Distraction or Cox Technique to decompress the disc to help the disc move off the inflamed area. This often works well with manipulation of the spine to control pain and helps reduce surgeries.

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