7 Ways a Chiropractor Can Help After a Sports Injury

Take a dive into 7 chiropractic treatments that help with sports injury recovery. From dry needling to ice therapy and compression treatments, you’ll be running to get a consult ASAP. Don’t just recover – recover fully to prevent more injuries in the future and always stay in the game.

Sports injuries are rough on all athletes. Injuries can stunt your training, set back your progress, or even take you out of the race. The number one thing all athletes are intent on after a sports injury is getting recovered as quickly as possible. But there’s a balance between fast recovery and complete recovery.

Following a sports injury, chiropractors can be hugely beneficial to sports injury recovery and sports rehab. That’s because chiropractors like Josh Bross at Elite Chiropractic and Sport are focused on sports medicine and chiropractic recovery. If you choose the right chiropractor, you can dramatically improve your sports injury recovery for long-term success.

Take a dive into 7 chiropractic treatments that help with sports injury recovery. From dry needling to ice therapy and compression treatments, you’ll be running to get a consult ASAP. Don’t just recover – recover fully to prevent more injuries in the future and always stay in the game.


Sports Injury Chiropractic Treatments

1) Graston Technique

One of the most sought after chiropractic treatments following a sports injury is the Graston Technique. It is a specialized technique that only select chiropractors choose to learn and apply in their practice.

The Graston Technique uses specialized tools to help break down scar tissue and adhesions. For athletes, this decreases the amount of time needed for overall treatment, helps aid in faster recovery, and reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medicines.

Overall, the Graston Technique is highly beneficial in helping to find the underlying problems of pain to facilitate a longer lasting recovery. Athletes can forgo braces and splints, improve mobility, and reduce pain short- and long-term.

Graston Technique Instruments

2) Cold Therapy Compression

Cold therapy compression is another in-demand chiropractic treatment for sports injury covery. Cold therapy compression, most popularly done through the Game Ready Ice Machine, uses cold compression to help heal muscles and body tissue.

Cold compression is used following injuries or surgeries. You select the right compression sleeve for your injury site – arm, leg, knee, back, neck, hand, etc. – and manually adjust the temperature, pressure, and time of treatment.

The Game Ready Ice Machine can be rented from your chiropractor for at-home sports injury treatment. Combined with chiropractic therapy in office and physical therapy exercises, cold therapy compression can greatly improve sports injury recovery time.

With cold compression therapy, you can recover faster, regain mobility, depend less on pain medication, and recover at home. 

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3) Dry Needling

Dry needling is a highly popular chiropractic treatment that is wonderful for athletes recovering from any various sports injuries. Dry needling targets muscle knots and muscle pain to release tension and improve overall mobility.

Athletes request dry needling for sports injury recovery because it targets overworked muscles and tight bands that can often inhibit injury recovery. By working with a qualified chiropractic practice, dry needling can reduce pain and discomfort, improve mobility, and aid with blood flow for complete injury recovery treatment.

Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

4) Pulse Technology

One of the best methods for injury recovery is muscle and joint compression. At select chiropractic offices, you can find compression boots that utilize pulse technology as part of sports injury treatment plans.

Compression boots and pulse technology cover the entire leg to help compress the limb. This helps with blood flow, muscle tension, and body temperature. The use of compression boots can improve circulation for better injury recovery, improve flexibility, increase mobility and range of motion, reduce inflammation, and alleviate general soreness.

Athletes request compression boots with pulse technology so they can get back to training faster and sooner.

Normatec Recovery Boots for Pulse Technology

5) Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique is a massage technique that targets soft tissue and overworked muscles. Sports chiropractors use active release technique to alleviate soreness, improve mobility, and decrease inflammation of overworked or injured areas.

Most commonly, active release technique is used for shin splints, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and plantar fasciitis. It is used on tendons, muscles, and ligaments to help with natural body recovery. Sports chiropractors implement active release technique into their injury recovery treatment plans to help with acute conditions, smart tears, and getting more oxygen into the body.

active release therapy in Columbia, MD

6) Physical Therapy Exercises

Every sports injury treatment plan will involve physical therapy exercises tailored to your body, injury, and active lifestyle. The best chiropractors will consider what will work best to complement movements that already come naturally to your body and will help you regain full mobility at a comfortable pace.

You may review common exercises like cat cow, foam rolling for sore muscles, commandos, bird dogs, and glute bridges. All of these workout walkthroughs will help introduce gentle mobility into the body and regain strength and balance that is vital following a sports injury.

Foam Rolling From Our Chiropractors

7) Personalized Adjustment Plan

Your chiropractor will devise a personalized adjustment plan that works for you and your body at the end of the day. It will use some or all of the above chiropractor techniques to help with a well-rounded treatment plan.

Your chiropractor should discuss all of your medications, body pain, goals, and more to get you back to your athletic performance. 

Achilles Tendinitis Treatment from chiropractors in Maryland

Meet with a Sports Chiropractor Today

Sports injuries can be daunting and intimidating. With the right professional team, though, injury recovery can be fulfilling and easy to obtain. You want a chiropractor who works with you, has advanced sports injury knowledge, and practices their skills daily with similar patients to help you get back to your full performance.

Contact Elite Chiropractic and Sport in Maryland for your own injury treatment plan today or look for a qualified chiropractor near you if out of state. You want to check their reviews, know their skills, and be sure of their clientele so you know you are in good hands.

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Dr. Bross is a leader in the promotion of health and wellness. He has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nutritional components of the human body. He is skilled in the Graston Technique, Active Release Technique, and Sports Medicine.

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