Shoulder Tendinitis Treatment

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Condition:  Shoulder Tendonitis

Medical Name: Bicipital Tendonitis

What is it: Tendon of the biceps becomes damaged, resulting in inflammation, pain and reduced movement. Often times the injury is not inflamed and has progressed to a tendinopathy. This means the area has “become scarred down” with its own blood supply resulting in a painful and limited range of motion.

Typical Tx: Stretching, Ice, heat, muscle stimulation, ultrasound and range of motion of the shoulder.

How we treat it: Advanced targeted soft tissue treatment focusing on breaking up the scar tissue to promote healing of the microtears of the muscle. Strengthening, range of motion and functional rehabilitation to restore stabilization of the shoulder complex.

Stephen’s take: There are a few factors that can play into the development of tendinitis. Shoulder stability is overlooked, which can contribute to the development of the the tendinitis. Forward (rounded) shoulders can cause additional compression at the acromion which can lead to injury of the tendon. The last reason is tight pectoralis minor as it shares the same fascia as the biceps tendon, which can lead to additional stress and development of the damage. Ruling these out is essential in resolution of the complaint.

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