Shin Splints Treatment

Shin Splints Treatment

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What are Shin Splints

Pain located in the lower inner calf, usually with exercise (most commonly running). The tendons and muscles become inflamed, causing pain during running. High mileage runners and/or fast paced running increases the risk of this condition occurring.

Shin Splints Treatment

Typical Treatment: Orthotics, strengthening, stretching, ice/heat, muscle stimulation and ultrasound

Many factors can contribute to the development of this condition since one main cause has not been found. 

Ruling out muscle weakness or tightness, decreased bone density, hormonal imbalances, altered biomechanics, running on asphalt or canted roads have all been indicated to potentially play a part in the development of this condition.

Excess motion of the hip is one of the common factors for this condition occurring. Strengthening of the hip along with calf and foot is necessary for resolution of this condition.

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