Hip Bursitis Treatment

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Condition:  Trochanteric Bursitis

Medical Name: Greater Trochanteric Pain syndrome

What is it: Originally thought to be inflammation of the greater trochanteric bursa, which is located on the outer portion of the hip. Bursa are important because they absorb shock when walking or running and help with movement of muscle/tendons in the area by supplying fluid for lubrication. The hip can become painful with overuse/overtraining, twisting movements or for unknown reasons. The pain is located on the side of the hip with running, exercise or compression to the area.

Typical Treatment: Focusing on reducing inflammation of the bursa with stretching and strengthening of the hip.

How we treat it: The latest research shows that inflamed bursa had no correlation with lateral hip pain. Gluteus medius tendinopathy with atrophy of the gluteus minimus muscle were common on the symptomatic side. This means that tendinopathy is commonly the cause and rehabilitation should focus on strengthening of these structures. Dry needling works great with these injuries because this therapy can reach further into the muscles to resolve tendinopathies.

  1. Rompe J, Segal N, Cachio A, et al. Home training, local corticosteroid injection, or radio shock wave therapy for greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Am J Sports Med, 2009;37:1981.

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