Cycling Can Take a Toll on Your Wrist

Sep 22, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

A couple of months ago, I began training for my first triathlon. I enthusiatically got on my bike and was ready to take on the world. I rode almost everyday for 2 weeks, until I noticed my left wrist started to hurt. As a chiropractor, I diagnosed what was wrong as the beginnings of Carpel […]

Flacco’s Problem May Lie in His Hip

Sep 21, 2010
By Dr. Josh Bross

As I’m sitting here about to watch Monday Night Football, I was thinking about the Ravens terrible performance against the Bengals. Everyone, from the TV commentators to the local journalists, talked about Flacco and his inability to step into his throws. They kept repeating that he is throwing off his back foot and it’s causing […]