Tension Headache Treatment

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Condition:  Tension Headache

Medical Name: Tension Headache

What is it: These are the most common types of headache. They usually are caused by stress, which will increase the tension in the neck muscles. Neck muscles, along with ligaments and joints, can refer pain into the head, most commonly behind the eyes, front of the head or back of the head/neck.

Typical Tx:  Stretching, prescription or over the counter medications like Ibuprofen

How we treat it: Advanced targeted soft tissue to the muscles and joints of involvement. When you break up adhesions and get the tissues to relax to their normal state, the headache usually will go away immediately. Posture corrective exercises with ergonomic recommendations for work stations help long term to avoid the problem from coming back.

Josh’s take: This is one headache that is not treated right in the health care world. People are given migraine medicine (with side effects), Ibuprofen, Excedrin, etc. Do any of these medications actually fix the problem? The answer is no, they are just bandaids, and because the problem isn’t being fixed, they are usually taken over a long period of time (months or years). Why not get the problem fixed?! We have had plenty of patients who have had these headaches get rid of them in one visit. It just takes identifying where the problem is coming from, and getting rid of it!

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