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Dr. Stephen Knoyer

This is an article from the Journal of Headache and Pain that has multiple interventions for treating migraines. Migraines occur in 15% of the population and is normally managed with some form of medication. There is always a percentage of people where the medication does not control the pain to the level that is desired or they want to avoid taking medication for different reasons.

What is important in this article is to note that different interventions had different results. This is important because not one certain thing works for every individual and having different therapies to help reduce or resolve the pain increases the success of reducing the migraine. Massage, physical therapy(or physiotherapy), chiropractic manipulation, relaxation techniques, sleeping habits, nutrition, trigger point release and posture correction all were used. Each one had some positive impact on controlling the pain.

The take home message is that a combination of these manual techniques with medication can help control the intensity of the migraine for patients who have migraines. The key point in the article is “Current RCTs suggest that massage therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation and chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy might be equally efficient as propranolol and topiramate in the prophylactic management of migraine.”   If you would like to read more about the article follow the link below and if you have any migraines or know someone who does please refer them to us.

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