Vitamin D for Overall Health

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Vitamin D is incredibly important for our overall health.  Vitamin D protects you from stroke, heart attack, cancer, and diabetes.  Oh, you know, just a few biggies that takes lives and cost billions.

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that you get mostly from either the sun or supplementation (there is a little in some foods).  If you are like me, and the other 90% of people out there, you don’t get enough sun exposure to raise your levels to the right amount.  Therefore, I believe that everyone short of David Hasselhoff should take a Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D works like the conductor in an orchestra (think Maestro Rodrigo in Mozart in the Jungle), conducting your immune systems to work efficiently, preventing sickness.

Typical labs like Labcorp will usually say you are in “normal” range when your blood measures D at 32ng/ml.  If you want to just be adequate, then that will work fine.  However, if you want to protect against all the diseases listed below, up your levels to a range of 50-70ng/ml.  You should do this under the supervision of a health care provider, but I have had patients take 10,000IU/day for weeks to raise the levels because they were so deficient.

Vitamin D protects against:

Macular degeneration and dry eye

Multiple Sclerosis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Rheumatoid Diseases




Childhood Asthma, etc, etc. etc

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