Tired of Getting Headaches That YOU ASSUME Can’t Be Fixed?

Every day in our Columbia, Maryland chiropractic office, we see patients that get headaches on some sort of consistent basis. Sometimes they come in specifically for their headaches, and sometimes they happen to mention them during treatment for something else. I will hear things like, “You can treat Migraine?”, or, “My doctor says there is nothing that can be done and I just need to take my medication when I get one.” Sound familiar? Whether these headaches are migraines, tension headaches, etc, most of the time THEY CAN BE CURED, or at the very least decreased with treatment. Even those “sinus headaches”, you know the ones, right behind or above the eyes, can be fixed.

What Can I Do About My Headaches

In my experience, a vast majority of these headaches are caused by soft tissue from anywhere between the base of the neck to the skull. Muscles, tendons, nerves, joints, and ligaments, can all cause local pain but refer pain to other areas. So let’s take a look at the “behind the eye” headache. If you look at the anatomy, you can see nerves (ie Greater Occipital Nerve) that go up each side of the back of the skull and branch off into nerves that go all around the eyes. So imagine that nerve being irritated by tension in the neck muscles, bad posture, sports injury, and then referring pain to around your eye. There is your headache, and by taking the typical medicine, all you are doing is putting a bandaid on symptoms and possibly injuring your liver or GI system. OR….you can actually get at the root of the problem. At Elite Chiropractic & Sport in Columbia, MD, we treat the Greater Occipital Nerve and any other causes of your headaches. No medicine, no surgery, just quick results.