Migraine Headache Treatment

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Condition: Migraine Headache

Medical Name: Migraine Headache

What is it: A severe headache involving one side of the head and occasionally associated with sounds, smells or visual disturbances.

Typical Tx: Medication both for chronic use and for episodic use, and/or physical therapy

How we treat it: Advanced soft tissue treatment to the cervical (neck) muscles, ligaments, and joints. We also check the TMJ (jaw) motion, as well as the nerves that go from the back of your skull (occiput) around to your temple. The journal of Headache and Pain published an article that stated “Chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation and Massage therapy might be equally efficient as propranolol and topiramate in the prophylactic management of migraine.”

Josh’s take: I find migraines are over-diagnosed. There are multiple reasons for a headache, and migraine seems like a common one chose by health care providers. I find more often then not, the headache is cervicogenic (coming from the neck) than a traditional migraine.

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