Sciatica Treatment

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Condition: Hip/gluteal pain/sciatica

Medical Name: Piriformis Syndrome

What is it: Inflammation/microtrauma and/or overuse of the muscle. This is common with running or jobs that require long periods of standing. The pain often feels like a toothache type of pain on the outside of the leg or tingling that can travel all the way to the foot.   It causes “sciatica-like” symptoms, but there isn’t any associated low back pain.  This can happen from repetitive use, like running, working out, but also from sitting too long.

Typical Treatment: Rehabilitation involving stretches and strengthening of the piriformis. If a patient does not respond to the rehabilitation injections or surgical release of the muscle may be performed.

How we treat it: Advanced soft tissue treatment to the piriformis and other gluteus muscles, dry needling at the point of pain, and nerve flossing (a technique to move the nerve back and forth like flossing your teeth) to take the pressure off the nerve.  Strengthening of the gluteus maximus as well as the piriformis.

Stephen’s take: Aggressive massage can often increase the pain and irritate the Sciatic nerve. The Piriformis is often overworked because the gluteus maximus is weak/inhibited. The Glute max is suppose to limit internal rotation of the femur(thigh bone) when running. When it stops this motion the Piriformis has to make up for the work and becomes inflamed/painful.  The rehab should focus on restoring the function to the gluteus maximus and piriformis together.

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