Don’t Let Your Low Back Pain Become Chronic

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By Dr. Stephen Knoyer, DC

The majority of the population in the United States is familiar with chiropractors treating low back pain. The evidence about the effectiveness of spinal manipulation is undeniable.

The number of people in this country who suffer from low back pain is surprising. Roughly 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their life and roughly 20-30% are in pain right at this moment. The average low back pain patient is 30-50 years of age and has experienced recurrent episodes of low back pain, with each episode progressively worse than the last. It’s a common misconception that 90% of back pain will spontaneously resolve within one month. However, In the April 2003 issue of, European Spine Journal, found that roughly 62% of the participants still experienced pain after 12 months of no intervention.(1) Most importantly, the greatest predictor of future injury is prior a injury. Proper care and rehabilitation of injuries, especially low back, is absolute necessary.

Why is it so important to treat low back injuries? The overall cost is staggering. Duke Medical Center researchers found the annual cost of low back pain is $90 billion dollars with $26 billion directly related to treatment alone.(2) Lost wages, productivity, social, and quality of life are all involved cost factors.

The role of a chiropractor is much more than treating low back pain. We are able to perform a full examination of the chief complaint and determine the primary origin of pain. In some cases we may send a patient out for further evaluation. Chiropractors can order lab work, x-rays, advanced imaging such as MRI,  or refer to a specialist. Having these tests completed reduces the number of visits, co-pays, and time spent with a specialist.

Current literature shows the relief gained after low back surgery is most likely from placebo. (Please click here to read our previous blog post about this subject). Conditions and injuries must be conservatively treated with an individually tailored rehabilitation program before moving forward with surgery. There are situations in acute injuries where surgery is needed in order to restore function to the legs, pelvis or low back but these are rare cases.

What is the take home message? Low back pain can become a chronic debilitating condition that interferes with employment, daily activities, and quality of life. The majority of back pain can be treated and resolved with manual therapies such as Graston technique, A.R.T., dry needling, joint manipulation, and rehab service which are all offered at Elite Chiropractic & Sport.

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Dr. Bross is a leader in the promotion of health and wellness. He has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nutritional components of the human body. He is skilled in the Graston Technique, Active Release Technique, and Sports Medicine.

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