Why Should I Foam Roll?

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By Jay Patel

If you want to improve your range of motion, improve performance, and speed up recovery, foam rolling is a great starting point.  Muscles that tend to be overactive benefit from this myofascial release technique called foam rolling.  Fascia is a thin tissue encapsulating the muscle tissue, when your muscles become active from a workout, run or even doing simple daily activities; this fascia can be restricted.  Think of it as Saran Wrap getting wedged in between each individual muscle fiber.  This is where foam rolling comes into play; rolling these trigger-points or knots will release or loosen that fascia from the muscle fibers thus improving range of motion, pain free motion and enhancing performance.

How do you foam roll?  Simply apply pressure to the muscle with the foam roller using your body weight. SLOWLY rolling along the muscle and when you find a spot that is tight and painful stop for a few seconds and try to relax as much as possible and the pain or tightness will dissolve and continue to slowly rolling, you may need to be in that area for up to 30 seconds.

Whether you workout, play sports, or if you are a stay at home parent it is essential to keep those muscles loose and pain free.

If the foam roll isn’t quite doing the job, the next step would be to call our office for more aggressive treatment to help get rid of the problem.

Below is some more information on foam rolling.

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