Ergonomics at Work

Ergonomics at Work

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By Jay Patel

Whether you work in an office, a laboratory, construction or the hospital it is always important to practice proper ergonomics to reduce the risk of injury or chronic pain.

Here are a few ways to prevent fatigue while at work:

Monitor Placement
Place the monitor directly in front of you at least 24-26 inches away and adjust the height of the monitor so that the top of the screen should be at eye level.  To reduce glares, position your monitor away from direct lighting.

Chair Adjustment
Sitting for long periods of time will cause increased pressure on your spine.  Gravity is your worst enemy when you are sitting all day, which can also cause blood to pool in the legs and feet making it difficult for blood to return to the heart.  It is essential you get up and “stretch” your legs when you are at work.  Here are some tips to help with adjusting your chair at your workspace.   Adjust the height of the backrest of your chair to support the inward curve of your lower back.  Adjusting the seat so feet are flat on the floor, thighs should be parallel with the floor with knees at about the level of the hips, use a footrest if needed.

Making these adjustments to your workspace can improve your health and productivity at work!