Trigger Finger Treatment

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Condition: Trigger Finger

Medical Name: Trigger Finger

What is it: Tendons of the fingers become inflamed which thicken over time(fibrosis) into nodules. The nodules become large, which then interfere with how the tendon moves through the sheath that surrounds the tendon like a tunnel. The sheath and the tendon are supposed to work in harmony to reduce friction when moving. The nodule becomes too large to slide through the sheath without sticking or catching which limits the fingers to straighten out. Often times people will have to assist the finger the straighten out with the other hand.

Typical Tx: Stretching and strengthening of the hand or surgical release in certain cases.

How we treat it: Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation to break up the adhesion within the tendon accompanied by stretching and strengthening of the involved hand.

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