The Key to Strong Wrists

Dec 6, 2016
By Dr. Josh Bross

By Jay Patel, Speed and Explosion Specialist

Computers, laptops, cellphones, and tablets; what do all these devices have in common?  They all require us to use our hands and wrists.  Typing scrolling, texting, holding/gripping a tablet/cellphone all requires us to use our hands.  When we train or exercise often the wrists are often left out of any workout.  Aside from technology, we need our wrist for daily activities from pushing to pulling.

There are ten bones connected to the wrist joint.  The radius and ulna coming from the forearm; followed by eight carpal bones making up the hand.  Movements that occur with these bones/joints are; flexion, extension, radial/ulnar deviation, pronation, and supination.

With the proper conditioning injuries such as sprains, strains, stress fractures, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, etc. can be improved or prevented.

Make certain you have proper flexibility of your wrist you should be able to flex and extend your wrist to about 90 degrees without a lot of force.  

Simple stretches such as the wrist flexion and extension stretch and improve flexibility and range of motion.  Wrist curls flexion and extension also will help strengthen the wrist.  If you have a tub of rice placing your hand into the rice and squeezing and gripping in a circular motion will improve range of motion and help with grip strength.

Here are a few links for you to read more about wrist conditioning.

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