Heel and Foot Pain Treatment

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Condition:  Heel/Foot Pain

Medical Name:  Plantar Fasciitis

What is it:  Microtears and possible adhesion formation at the arch of your foot. The pain could be on the heel or into your arch. The heel (calcaneus) is the origin of the plantar fascia and then inserts into the bones of your foot at your toes.

How you get it:  There are multiple reasons you can get plantar fasciitis. Overuse, repetitive trauma (running, etc), pronation, and prolonged standing can lead to microtrauma and scar tissue formation.

Typical Tx:  Rehab exercises to strengthen the foot, calf stretching, night splints, ice/heat/stim.

How we treat it:  Advanced soft tissue tx, dry needling, specific exercises to strengthen the foot/ankle/arch complex.

Josh’s take:  Why do we want to stretch the calf so much? The injury usually happened because it was stretched too much. Makes no sense to me! We should concentrate on removing scar tissue, decreasing inflammation, and strengthening the arch.

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