Game Ready Ice Machine

Don’t Just Treat Symptoms, Help Accelerate Recovery

Beyond passive cold and compression applications, Game Ready Machine is the proactive power to help heal.

Game Ready ice machine is an innovative ACCEL™ Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) that combines active compression and cold therapy in a revolutionary treatment system. 

Now you have the therapeutic power to enhance lymphatic function, encourage blood flow, and help stimulate tissue repair. For acute musculoskeletal injury and post-op recovery, go with the new standard of care.

We rent out the Game Ready for home use following surgical procedures. Please call our office to Game Ready Machine Rent it today!

Game Ready Ice Machine in Columbia, MD

Recover Faster with Game Ready Ice Machine Rentals in Columbia, MD

How Game Ready Ice Machines Work

game ready machine Columbia Md

Instead of elastic bandages and cold compresses, Game Ready Ice Machine Rentals reduce your need for multiple recovery items while optimizing cold compress technology for faster recovery.

Game Ready Ice Machines allow you to adjust the pressure of your cold compress wrap seamlessly from the control box. Manage the temperature and treatment time to be exactly what your body needs at that moment, completely automated.

The Control Unit of the Game Ready Ice Machine rental is completely portable, allowing for easy use at home wherever you are most comfortable. It runs off of AC power or an adaptable battery pack, giving you complete flexibility for surgery and injury recovery.

Choose from a wide selection of wraps for your injury recovery — popular ones include knees, back, ankles, and elbows but the selection covers all body parts and sizes. The wraps then apply adjustable pressure and cold compress therapy directly onto the injury area. With a wide variety to choose from, it makes it easy to find the right fit to help with active recovery that is comfortable and portable. 

Why Do We Recommend Cold Therapy Compression for Athletes?

A healthy athlete’s body is more than capable of recovery from surgery in an average amount of time with minimal complications if everything went smoothly. However, cold compression and cold therapy can greatly ease the process of recovery and improve the recovery process.

The team at Elite Chiropractic and Sport recommends the Game Ready Machine to ease the transition from post-op to full recovery and provide more comfort during the process. A more comfortable healing process has the possibility of reducing stress, and the compress wraps encourage proper healing practices.

Cold therapy via the Game Ready Ice Machine has also been found to reduce the need for Opioids during recovery. Opioids are highly addictive and can be risky to be on for a long period of time. Cold therapy compression helps reduce pain around the injured location, thus reducing the need for prescription medication and can even cut short the amount of time the Opioids were prescribed for.

As sports medicine is our primary focus and we have every interest in seeing athletes back on their feet, healthy, and training like normal, talk to us about game ready ice machine rental. The simple to use design and comfort wraps can really improve the recovery experience and help athletes get back to what they love doing most — training hard and working towards goals. Plus, cold therapy provides an increase in mobility, which can greatly help reduce feelings of stiffness and discomfort.

There’s no reason not to talk to us today about the benefits a Game Ready machine can provide to you in your time of need.

The Benefits and Uses of Cold Therapy

Some Main Benefits of Cold Therapy

Recommended for Injuries & Surgeries

Options for Game Ready Wraps

Why Elite Chiropractic and Sport for Game Ready Rental in Maryland

Our chiropractors in Columbia, MD are focused on sports medicine and athlete rehabilitation. When renting Game Ready Ice Machine from us, we work with you to create a tailored recovery plan specific to your body, injury, and activity.

We’ll help set up a routine and schedule for using the Game Ready Ice Machine coupled with other physical exercises and recovery techniques to get you back on your feet sooner. The idea is well-rounded body health and recovery that reduces pain and maximizes mobility.

Cold Therapy FAQ

Yes, the Game Ready Ice Machine is intended to make recovery at home easy and efficient. We will give you an easy breakdown of how to use the Game Ready Rental at home and advise on any other recovery techniques you should be utilizing. If you need any support, our staff is available to answer questions and concerns. 

The Game Ready Ice Machine takes the basic idea of an ice pack on your injury and elevates it using advanced technology and high-quality compression wraps.

Based on where your injury or surgery occurred, there are several different Game Ready® ATX® Wraps (Active Temperature Exchange) quality fitted for specific areas of the body. All of these Game Ready body wraps are created with an easy-fit in mind, along with proper comfort and anatomic fittings.

The portable Game Ready machine is simple to prep and operate. In order to use the Game Ready Ice Machine, lift the lid and fill with the recommended amount of ice to create ice water. Based on the recommendations from your doctor, set the intuitive and easy to operate controls to your preferred settings. With the appropriate body wrap on, sit back, and let the Game Ready machine handle the rest.

Some of the settings you can adjust as part of the Game Ready Ice Machine include pressure, temperature, compression, and treatment time. The setting even includes sleep time, so it will automatically restart at the designated intervals, so you don’t have to continually remove and apply the compression body wrap.

When ordering your Game Ready Ice Machine Rental in Columbia, MD from Elite Chiropractic and Sport, we just need to get some information from you before releasing the rental. We will consult on your injury, if you’ve been seen by us before, possible insurance, and more. Give us a call today to get started. 443-718-9432

Cold therapy is a form of Cryotherapy. The practice of cold therapy compression reduces blood flow to a particular area, generally the area that is healing from an injury or surgery.

The reduction of blood flow decreases inflammation and swelling that would otherwise cause pain and discomfort, specifically around joints and tendons. Cold therapy can also alleviate pain by reducing nerve activity.

If you have ever used ice on an injury, that is a similar form of cold therapy. Game Ready’s cold therapy is a more advanced version of an ice pack on your wrist or sprained ankle that leads to a faster, pain-free recovery.

Cold therapy compression via the rentable game ready machine is recommended for a variety of injuries and surgeries to assist with recovery.

A Game Ready Ice Machine may be recommended to apply cold therapy for elite athletes, collegiate athletes, athletic trainers, and more. Any surgery that has affected your mobility can see an increased level of recovery with cold therapy, as well as severe or acute injuries that also affect the tendons and joints.

Game Ready Ice Machines have been recommended for recovery during the above mentioned surgeries or injuries, but you should always contact Elite Chiropractic and Sport to consult with one of our doctors to ensure the enhanced cold therapy is right for you and your body.